How far can someone go in the name of a game?

Someone whose game has become the meaning of life?

The programmer who created the first chess computer program is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Was his death really accidental, as the official investigation determined?

The truth seems impossible to establish when unexpectedly an unknown chess player challenges a powerful financial corporation. FBI agents and private detectives look for this mysterious player who has never lost a single game.

The book SAUGANASH, by Andrew V. Kudin, tells a story of the most dramatic chess game in the history of the world.

Released in Ukraine during November 2011, the first printing of SAUGANASH sold out on the first day. After such an astounding success, Andrew V. Kudin decided to move from the Russian-language book market into the English-language book market. SAUGANASH is now available as a digital download in English exclusively on Amazon until June 2012. Check out our Digital Media page for links to buy the book and scans of SAUGANASH's outstanding artwork.

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